What next for the mighty Vuvuzela?

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Love it or hate it, the mighty Vuvuzela has carved its way into soccer history with its superb performance during the Soccer World Cup. TV commentators and watchers hated it, fans in the stadiums and Fan Parks loved it! Who would have thought that such a simple instrument could have become so legendary in such a short space of time. The deafening din that it creates is quite something, often likened to a very loud swarm of bees, but when used together, vuvuzelas certainly have the ability to lift the vibe at an occasion. And this they did: match after match during the World Cup. The vuvuzela  became the hottest topic of conversation during the World Cup, along with the tv replay referees and goal line technology!

After a lot of whingeing about the Vuvuzela racket, the commentators and tv watchers soon got used to it and the vuvuzela became the signature sound and vibe of the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010. I bet you there are going to be many professional soccer players who will be seriously disappointed at the lack of vibe with no vuvu hum in their stadiums this coming season. Now they are going to have to listen to their coaches screaming at them from the sidelines again!

Blowing the Vuvuzela can change one’s experience of a football match entirely. And once you have tried it, there is no turning back. Suddenly there is no need for earplugs, you feel so much more part of the crowd, keeping in time with the pulse of the vuvu bands. Admittedly it is bit tricky to get into and embarrassing, as one is likely to fail at the first few attempt, putting out a weak “pwwfffht“, but once you figure out how to make some serious noise it is very empowering. Suddenly the whole noisy irritating world of Vuvuzelas becomes a playground of enjoyment, harmony and jamming! The Vuvuzela definitely upgrades the quality of a World Cup soccer fan’s experience.

But what now for the mighty Vuvuzela? Of course it will continue to be used in force at South African soccer games in the PSL and it will be allowed at certain games in the UK, like at Wembley in the opening match of the season in the Charity Shield. But many clubs in the Premiership have banned Vuvuzelas from their grounds, for fear of the British soccer fan singing traditions being messed with. The Vuvuzela has become such an icon that apparently there have already been orders placed for Brazil SWC 2014. And sales in the UK, Europe and the USA have rocketed over the last few months. So don’t be surprised to see Vuvuzelas being blasted in style at the next Olympics, the Superbowl or maybe even at NBA basketball games. Oh and don’t forget surfing events, like the Billabong Pro where it was used recently to give massive support  to the local boys. But I doubt we will ever see the vuvua massive gracing the hallowed fairways and greens of St. Andrews golf course. Even when a South African wins the British Open!

So if you were a World Cup one-hit-wonder on the Vuvuzela, and now have one lying around at home and are not sure what its future uses could be, legendary satirist Zapiro has some ideas for you…

And if you just can’t get enough of the instrument that took the world by storm, there is some seriously funny material that has been put together on the world wide web by vuvu devotees. Here are a couple of my favourites. Enjoy.




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