Travel essentials that are actually essential

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When going on holiday, there are certain travel essentials that some people feel they cannot live without. What these ‘essentials’ are exactly, differ from person to person. Some holiday goers are content with a change of clothes and their toothbrush; others can’t go a day without their cell phone and hair straightener.

Hydration pack

Travelers’ needs will also differ according to the type of holiday they are going on. For example, suitcases belonging to hikers who are camping will look very different to those belonging to business tourists who are staying in luxurious hotels. However, there are usually some similarities. The travel essentials in the following list should have holiday goers, especially those with adventure on their mind, prepared for all occasions.

A rucksack for every occasion

A rucksack is important for holidays that involve high-energy activities and adventure. They can come in different sizes and include options for men, women and children. You can also buy specialised rucksacks, for example hydration packs and child carriers.

How to enjoy your journey without listening to crying children or having a numb derriere

Traveling in comfort

Getting to your destination can often be a long and uncomfortable experience, but certain accessories make it that much more bearable.

Taking along compact pillows or cushions, a travel blanket, ear plugs and nightshades should help travelers feel more comfortable during their journey.

Being prepared for every situation – good and bad

The last thing someone wants when they’re on holiday is for something to go wrong and being unable to solve the problem. Taking along certain, useful gadgets can help you if or when you end up in a situation like this. This can include nylon webbing, a sewing kit, a fabric repair kit, waterproof tape and duct tape, however you can find complete repair kits with all these things and more.

First Aid kit

It’s not only your material goods that can get damaged. You can too. This is where a first aid kit comes in handy. First aid kits can include antibacterial cream, a blister pack, adjustable supports for your knee or ankle etc.

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun either. Remember to pack sunglasses, sunhats, sunscreen and after sun.

From electrical appliances to hammocks

We rely on electricity for many things. When we are unable to use electricity, we often realise just how much we need it. There are certain electrical devices that are important to have when we are traveling, such as a torch (which can be as small as that which fits onto a key ring), headlight, adaptor and a portable battery charger or solar charger. Then there are electrical devices that, while not essential, do provide comfort, such as a travel kettle, radio and iron, a lantern and a small, personal alarm that can be used as a personal attack alarm or baggage protector. Don’t forget your batteries or charger!

Key ring bottle openerThere are many more travel accessories and useful little gizmos that one can buy – it just depends on how much space we have! Travelers can take with them karabiners to secure items to their travel bag, small, waterproof packs to keep documents and small items in good condition, portable seats and mats, mini hammocks, walking poles, shoe bags to keep dirty shoes separate, a compact tripod for a camera, mini key locks, luggage scales, luggage straps which help to identify luggage on a carousel, bottle openers and corkscrews that can be as small so as to fit onto a key ring and pocket binoculars or monoculars.

When it comes to hygiene

Solar showerCaring about your health and hygiene doesn’t have to end when you go on holiday! Toiletry bags, various sized travel towels, universal bath plugs, all purpose soap, pocket mirrors, hand sanitiser, pegless washing lines, toothbrush shields that click onto your toothbrush and even toilet seat covers can fit neatly into your suitcase. You don’t even need hot, running water to have a shower these days with solar showers on the market. Simply fill up the water bag, let the sun rays heat the water inside, and voila – you’re ready to go!

Stay safe

Be careful when on holiday. Certain travel accessories can help you do this, such as money belts, locks and theft-proof bags that cannot be slashed or cut.

Staying hydrated

Whether you bring a water bottle along or you buy one on the way, remember to stay hydrated during your travels, especially if you’re getting active.

Know where you’re going

Whether it’s a GPS in your car, a map or a compass, make sure you’re on the right track at all times.

The handiest accessory of them all

A very modern Swiss army knife

Finally, if there’s one travel accessory that is whipped out more than anything else, it has to be the pocket knife. From opening an envelope to self-defence, a pocket knife has many uses.

Many people run into the problem of trying to take too many things with them on holiday. If you don’t want to end up in the situation where you’re sitting on your suitcase and working up a sweat while trying to zip it closed, remember to think about the type of holiday you are going on and what you really need. Once you know what that is, happy (travel accessory) shopping!

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