The Great Coffee Debate

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Coffee: one of the finest discoveries in the world of beverages. And one of the four most highly traded agricultural commodities in the whole world! In the Africa Bespoke office coffee is a huge favourite and gets us through many a cold wintry morning or post lunch slump. Personally, coffee is one of my favourite vice’s, so I feel lucky to have a solid crew of fellow coffee lovers amongst my colleagues to share it with. We’ve also secured a good source of freshly roasted beans from our friends at Global Coffee, which is a great starting point for good office coffee. Especially when it is delivered to our door on a regular basis! The aroma of those freshly roasted beans is something quite special. Mm hmm!

We are also lucky enough to have one or two good coffee shops within walking distance from our office, most notably Starlings on Belvedere Road, who do a legendary cappuccino and their food offerings are of a similar high quality. Their savoury lunch options range from various gourmet sandwiches to Thai green curry and soup of the day which is hard to beat. As for the lemon meringue pie, carrot cake or the plum/apple and almond tart, yum! Sooo good. But I digress…back to great coffee.

With the endless debate on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, and what version to go for when standing at the counter at your favourite coffee shop, here is a great infographic that helps to explain almost every variation possible. Except maybe the soy latte, or was it a flat white Claire? Anyway, we have found it useful in putting to rest the long standing debate about the difference between a latte and a flat white, and  look forward to trying some new versions soon too.

And if you are interested, here is some more info on the origins of coffee:

NYC design shop Plaid has posted this lovely infographic that breaks down all the various ’species’ of coffee that one might stumble upon in the coffee scene. The vector graphics break down each recipe into ratios and makes it dead easy to get your head around all the foams, steams and beans.

Look out for more coffee posts soon: our favourite cappuccino spots in and around Cape Town and other destinations, cappuccino foam art, local roasteries, baristas and more. To steal from a famous tobacco advert: “Coffee, so much more to enjoy!”

Infographic source: Beveragebytes and Plaid

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