Road Trip Namibia part 2: Namib Naukluft, Solitaire and Swakopmund

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Rugged green-ish mountain scenery of Naukluft Mountain Park.

From Sesriem we continued our journey to Naukluft Mountain Park. In the early afternoon I started with Brecht the “Olive Trail”. This trail led us to a mountain top where we had a beautiful panorama over the Mountain Park. In comparison with the sandy and rocky desert during our ride to the park, the Naukluft Mountain Park is a very green area where we spotted zebras, kudus and springbok. After we reached the plateau we went down into a deep canyon where we found several aloes and other colorful trees and bushes. On a certain moment we had to climb horizontal on a rock wall, helped by some chains. One wrong step and you fall three meters down into a small pool.  It was already dark when we arrived back at the camp site.

Jumping again Simon! Lots of fresh air energy in Namibia.

Today we passed the Naukluft National Park (not the same as the Naukluft Mountain Park). A very dry, desert looking area with just one small village: Solitaire. Absolutely worth to stop over there. It is a lovely place with a service station, a little shop, some houses and a (famous) bakery with delicious cheesecakes, cookies, apple-pie, rolls and breads. Only for the smell you already should make a stop over there. After this culinary break we headed to Walvis Bay & Swakopmund were we visited the Flamingo Lagoons and Dune 7.

Quad Biking up a storm in the Swakopmund dunes

Today we had a little walk along the coast and the city center of Swakopmund. It is a nice “German looking” town with several shops. In the afternoon we did a Quadbike/Sandboard combo trip to the Namib Dunes of Swakopmund. With a group of five we enjoyed the speed of the quadbike in this beautiful desert full of steep dunes and mini valleys. After an hour driving we made a stop at a huge dune for the sand boarding part. With a waxed wooden board we slid from these steep dunes on our belly. This was real fun!!! After the trip (and kilos of sand in our pockets) we continued the quadbiking part and watched the sunset over the ocean before we headed back to Swakopmund.

Read Part 3 tomorrow: Fish River Canyon and heading south…

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