1. Luke Powers

    Wildlife photography

    If you’re a photographer with patience and determination (and a good camera), then wildlife photography might be right up your alley. An African safari offers incredible sights and memories and capturing these moments on film truly makes these experiences unforgettable! Be ready Animals and birds are movers. They don’t often...
  2. Luke Powers

    The Magical Gardens of Babylonstoren, new gem of the Cape Winelands

    Babylonstoren – intriguing name…Ring a bell? Never heard of it? Read this glowing report from Africa Bespoke’s product manager and travel consultant, Michaela Cramer and find out more about this brand new low key destination hidden in the Cape Winelands. Let me tell you about a magic garden Words by Michaela...
  3. Luke Powers

    Maputo inspires a winning travel article

    The Guardian recently held a ‘Reader’s Summer Holiday Travel Writing Competition’, offering readers the chance to win some fantastic travel prizes for their feature on one of eight categories revolving around holidays and all that they entail, such as activities, hotels and responsible travel. Just under 2, 000 readers entered...