My Botswana Adventure

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My Botswana Adventure (16 – 29 April 2012)
by Farzana Abbas, from Kiboko Adventures

The two weeks my husband and I spent on this tour was nothing short of amazing! Where to start? Some of our highlights included: a Bushmen experience at Ghanzi, Central Kalahari, getting completely soaked at the mighty Victoria Falls (what a spectacular sight!), walking with and touching lions on our “Walk with the Lions” outing in Livingstone, the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans (amazing, and we saw flamingos), visiting a large Baobab tree with a circumference of more than 11 metres (referred to as “the Supermarket” because of its many uses by the many animals), breathtaking sunsets, not to mention sunrises (one has to be an early bird for game viewing!), a bunch of vultures scavenging off a donkey alongside the road, unexpectedly stopping for ellies to cross the road in Botswana. And the ultimate highlight for me was the bush camping in Moremi – completely isolated in the wilderness… and surrounded by wild animals!

Let me explain: I was surprised at how much more I enjoyed the total bush camping experience in Moremi compared to the other camp sites. Some evenings we had lions roaring/calling near our tents, bit scary at first, but very exciting hearing them call out to each other. It was unbelievably peaceful to fall asleep with the animal sounds and the amazing stillness of nature. My favourite sound was the Fish Eagle and most beautiful sight was the Lilac-Breasted Roller. We witnessed an elephant stampede – more than 25 of these mighty mammals running across the road mere metres from us! Plus a real treat was seeing wild dogs every day in the Moremi.

On the tour we saw hippos, warthog, jackal, hyena, zebra, giraffe, elephants, buffalo, crocs, monitor lizards and a number of antelope species. And many, many bird species. We also watched two lionesses with their cubs drinking after their kill. Spectacular! There was so much to take in, that’s all I can remember for now.

This 13 night journey starts in Joburg, traveling north to the Central Kalahari, then quality time in the Moremi and Okavango Delta, followed by visits to Chobe Game Reserve and Victoria Falls. Finally it heads south, back into Botswana, returning via Makgadigadi Pans and back to Joburg.What made our tour even better was the warm, friendly and helpful people we had in our group. They were from all over: Kenya, Poland, Denmark, France, Canada and, of course, the proudly South Africans!

As you may well know, Botswana can be a very expensive destination, especially on fly-in lodge safaris. So the mobile safari option, using comfortable tents and overland safari vehicle, is an affordable way to experience this magical country.

Tour Highlights:
Guided Bushmen walk experience
Game viewing in open 4×4 safari vehicle in Moremi Wildlife Reserve (4 days)
Mokoro (dugout canoe) excursion in the Okavango Delta area of Moremi
Game viewing cruise on the Chobe River
2 nights in Livingstone/Victoria Falls
Makgadikgadi Pans

Full tour details: The Kiboko Botswana Adventure 

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