Leopard vs Leopard in Mala Mala

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Every now and then us humans are lucky enough to witness some unusual clashes between the fiercest predators in Africa, who usually keep a circumspect distance from each other. The Big Five (namely the lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant, rhino) normally have a grudging respect and a keep safe distance from each other whilst they focus on their prey. But sometimes their worlds collide for whatever reason and the results are quite spectacular.  And never forget the water-based predators: hippos (the biggest killer of humans in Africa) and the crocodile. It has reminded me of how we take for granted the interesting fabric of the animal world and its ever-changing nature. Never a dull moment. So here is the latest of these. Stand by for more that we have dug up out of the archives, coming in more blogs soon.

The omnipotent YouTube strikes again! The clip is of two male leopards having quite a serious scrap. For animals that are complete solo operators this is almost never seen. And with the band of salivating hyenas looking on, hoping for some action, it is quite amazing to see.

It may not be as long or as epic as the now legendary “Battle at Kruger” which had over 49 million views so far!! But it is well worth watching.

Two male leopards fighting

From: www.youtube.com
Posted: 21 Aug 2009
This footage was shot at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand. Look at the Hyenas eagerly awaiting some casualty and a nice easy snack. Watch it here:

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