KZN Berg Bush Beach adventure

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Here is a quick blog post from Kevin O’Neil, told mostly in photos. Kevin is out from the USA, living and working in South Africa for the year. He has managed to sneak in some great journeys during his time here. The latest one being to Kwazulu Natal. In their short time here Kevin and Elizabeth have become so local they are almost qualified tour guides in SA. Recently Kevin’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit and they went to KZN to discover some of the amazing destinations there, including Rocktail Bay on the north coast, Hluhluwe Umfolozi National Park and the Central Drakensberg. Here is Kevin’s post.

KZN was awesome (of course). Royal Natal is spectacular. The highlight of the trip for me was actually just staying in Mpila camp and defending our braai from hyenas! I got to practice my “threat pose” on a particularly close hyena: arms up to look big, “fangs” bared, Elizabeth claims this was not smart, but hey, the hyena ran off. (Unfortunately there is no footage of this epic event!) The camp also had a lot of warthogs, bushpigs, impala and zebra just hanging out. We had great drives in Hluhluwe and Umfolozi and a good safari walk from Mpila Camp, I’m definitely keen to go back and do the Wilderness Trail one day.

Rocktail Beach Camp was great. The tents are way cool and the beach was terrific, we mainly skipped the activities and did some serious relaxation. Emiliano’s reaction to a turtle drive proposal: “How many friggin’ animals are there in this country?” Kelly and Emiliano had a blast during their stay in KZN.

Have a look at their journey in more detail on this virtual itinerary:



The towering Amphitheatre, viewed from Royal Natal.

Incredible view of the Amphitheatre from Royal Natal.


Kelly getting up close and personal with the local elephants.


A herd of buffalo catching some early morning sun.


The crystal clear streams flowing off the Drakensberg are quite spectacular…and a bit icy.


Elephant road block. Good viewing though.


The peachy deserted beach at Rocktail Bay.


Intrepid hikers deep in the Drakensberg scenery. From left: Kevin, Emiliano, Elizabeth.


The Drakensberg in black and white just looks epic.


The tallest far. And so elegant.


Another great close up of an ellie.


Rocktail Beach Camp tented accommodation.



Love this elephant shot.

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