Kwazulu Natal Battlefields and Safari

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Hello everyone, welcome to 2011. To kick off with, here is a blog post from Libby Hess, one the most passionate Africa Travelers we know. Libby, seasoned Southern Africa traveler, just visited KwaZulu Natal and had this to say after her journey. Have a look at Libby’s pics below to get an idea of the superb game viewing available in KZN. The safari was in Phinda Private Game Reserve and the battelfield tours were undertaken from Fugitive’s Drift Lodge.

Another year, another visit to South Africa. Arriving in a torrential downpour and low cloud cover, I saw nothing of KwaZulu Natal until the sun finally broke through the next day and Isandhlwana appeared in the distance from the terrace at Fugitive’s Drift. It’s probably trite to say that the profile of that rocky outcrop is evocative of the tragedy of war. But in a day and age when we witness warfare from the safe distance of our televisions, it’s immensely sobering to visit the places where thousands of young men met face to face and died. Perhaps it is that sense of the immediacy of history that makes the Zulu people such engaging raconteurs and personable hosts. It is especially gratifying to an American (who probably doesn’t understand the norms of polite conversation in South Africa) to spend time with people who seem pleased to have a good, long talk about their lives and their country. Apart from the historical areas, KZN has all the other ingredients of an excellent vacation venue too: ocean, mountains, forests, game reserves.

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