Google Street View arrives in South Africa – find us!

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So the mothership at Google have been working hard to deliver another legendary product to web users, just in time for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa: Google Street View. This incredible tool is a hug value-add to the already legendary Google Maps, and allows one to virtually drive/walk/ride down any street in South Africa and look at the houses on either side. Here is an example: our offices, in Claremont Cape Town. See GSV screen shots below of where we work.

For more details on Google Street View, read this post from :

Google Street View first launched in May 2007 in several cities in the United States and over time, began to expand its reach worldwide. As of a few days ago, South Africa was added to the mix.

With the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup upon us, it makes sense that this development has arrived in time for foreigners to get 360 degree street-level views of their travel destinations, stadiums, accommodation and areas they are interested in visiting to get a better idea of where they are going before they actually go there.

Google began taking Street View photos in South Africa in September, driving about 64 000 kilometres across the country and covering some 27 towns and cities. This development is great news for the tourism industry, bringing South Africa’s many beautiful sights to cellular phones and PC’s worldwide and helping tourists to get better acquainted with our streets.

Street View has a number of benefits, such as checking out the exact location of a place you need to be, looking at parking options, finding a restaurant or accommodation that suits you, looking for the best spot to watch an event taking place in the streets and checking out the inside of a sports stadium. Some have even said that it helps prevent you from getting a parking ticket! And if nothing better to do, Google Street View will definitely provide you with a way to pass the time.

As this report from so aptly puts it:
With World Cup matches currently on hiatus until Friday’s quarter-finals, millions of South Africans have admitted to forgetting what exactly they used to do all day. However, reports of a replacement activity tentatively billed as ‘Work’ have been dismissed by trends analysts as a “passing fad”. “Soccer has stood the test of time for centuries,” said consultant Zeitgeist Ngwenya. “This ‘Work’ craze will pass into obscurity like the hula-hoop and Tamagotchis.”

Millions of people all over South Africa were reportedly wandering the streets aimlessly with their hands in their pockets as the second morning of a two-day World Cup break dawned.

Have fun surfing the web and looking for interesting streets and views. Thanks Google!

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