Fish River Canyon in Flood

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Breaking News: kayakers from Cape Town time it just right to paddle the Fish River Canyon in flood. This epic adventure happened just this week at the drop of a hat. As soon as they heard of the flooding that was happening all over Namibia, these kayakers descended on the southern Namibian river for the journey of a lifetime. Covering over 250km in just 3 days they flew down the river, often paddling for 12 hours a day, through serious rapids and awesome scenery. Camping at night on the banks of the river, they were fully self-sufficient, carrying all gear in their boats.

Peter drove up from Cape Town and met the others at Provenance, the Felix Unite River Adventures camp in Noordoewer. The next morning they drove up to Seeheim to put in and paddled down to Ai-Ais, over 250km in all. And all this in 3 days! The volume of water was about 500 cumecs (cubic metres of water per second!). Reports from the paddlers is that this was the most epic trip they have ever been on, with the most incredible white/brown/red water paddling they have had the pleasure and nerve to paddle. There were definitely some jitters at certain times, with big water pumping through some very confined spaces, but they came through fine. At this stage this is all the news we have of this epic adventure, but stand by for more details.

Well done to the crew and thanks to Andrew Kellet for the pictures.

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