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Last weekend I had the pleasure of riding around the Cape Peninsula. What a great outing. I was riding with a couple of friends from the USA, out here for a couple of weeks and keen to see some of the road cycling that Cape Town has to offer. So we did a good 3 and a half hours ride, starting in Hout Bay and heading up Chapman’s Peak Drive (which is now open much to everyone’s delight!). And what an incredible journey, just to experience that. “Chappies” as it is known, truly is a world class route, with scenery second to none: sweeping views of Hout Bay nestled in the valley, the imposing Sentinel, harbour, beach and sand dunes in the distance. Then heading down towards Noordhoek under the cliffs of Chapman’s Peak itself with the Altantic Ocean hundreds of metres below the granite cliffs, is quite a spectacle and well worth a drive/ride/run in either direction.



We then headed across the Peninsula to tackle Black Hill and flew down the other side to False Bay, turning right at Glencairn towards Simonstown and on past Miller’s Point and up Smitswinkel Hill to the Cape Point Nature Reserve. The local baboons at Smitswinkel/Miller’s point must have still been in bed, because on a ride/drive past there one almost always spots the local extended baboon family hanging out watching the world go by.


We entered the Reserve and cruised down to the Cape of Good Hope on the peaceful road surrounded by only fynbos and accompanied the stiff south-easterly “breeze” that is legendary/notorious in these parts. This made for a good bit of work, and the comforting knowledge that we would enjoy a good tailwind all the way back. Just before arriving at the Cape of Good Hope, most south-westerly tip of Africa, where we took the must-have tourist pics, we almost collided with the resident ostriches, who always seem a bit out of place cruising around in the fynbos near the Atlantic Ocean.


On the way home we finally encountered the baboon family near the Buffelsfontein visitors centre in the Reserve, where they were, as usual, picking fleas and scratching each other’s backs. Once out of the Reserve we turned left out of the Reserve and going past the Ostrich Farm, Cape Point Vineyards, the soapstone craft markets and then down to the Atlantic coast through the sleepy villages of Scarborough and Misty Cliffs. What a pleasant ride. On the whole I rate it as a great outing and not only to be done on the day of the Argus Cycle Tour with 30 000 other cyclists. We saw a quite a few of Cape Town’s active residents and visitors running, cycling, fishing, etc, but on the whole the roads were quiet. And that was on a Saturday morning in the middle of summer! So if you have not done it yet (or recently), get out there and enjoy Cape Town’s finest sea air and scenery.



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