Botswana’s unique safaris

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A range of fascinating creatures, from fierce predators down to busy insects, can be found in Botswana; a country of exceptional beauty and diversity. Whether visitors are exploring the parched Kalahari desert or the meandering waterways of the Okavango, Botswana is a fantastic safari destination.

And what better way to enjoy Botswana’s wildlife but by becoming a part of it? Unique safari options offer visitors a chance to view game on board some of the country’s most symbolic animals.

A popular choice of safari is an elephant back safari which is usually done in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. Seated high above the rest of the world, visitors can discover Botswana from an elephant’s perspective. This luxurious safari option offers visitors their own private experience of Africa, allowing them to get up close and personal with Botswana’s game. While an elephant back safari is an expensive option, a journey through Botswana on Africa’s most regal animal will provide visitors with memories and sights never to be forgotten.

Elephant safari in Botswana Okavango Delta horse safari

Another exciting way to explore Botswana is on horseback. Horseback safaris take place in various spectacular destinations in the country including the Okavango Delta and the Tuli Block. Nature’s peace and tranquillity will nourish visitors’ souls as their affectionate sidekicks walk and canter from one stunning landscape to the next.

A camel safariA type of safari that is soon to be introduced to Botswana is a camel safari. A camel park at Tsabong in southern Botswana, where visitors can enjoy camel rides, is a pilot project of the Botswana Tourism Board that they are hoping to spread to other communities in the Kalahari. At a recent conference in Gaborone, the Board’s Chief Executive Officer announced that once the park is fully operational, they will look into launching camel safaris so visitors can travel between places on camels.

A popular choice of safari in Kenya, camel safaris take visitors back to earlier times when camels were a common form of transport. These exotic, gentle and inquisitive creatures can travel for days without food and water and will plod along silently (if well-trained), allowing riders to enjoy nature’s quietest murmurs.

If traveling on an animal is not your cup of tea, Botswana’s numerous other safaris are still available to you. These include mobile, walking, hot air ballooning, fly-in and canoeing safaris, all of which are equally exciting options.

Chobe mobile safari Fly-in safari in Botswana Caneoing the Okavango

Visitors searching for unique safaris can look no further than Botswana, where exceptional views are a common occurrence and experiences will prove unforgettable.


  1. Luke

    October 18, 2010

    I have always dreamt of going on an African Safari, but thought of doing it on the backof an elephant has made my dream even greater!

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